Emotional Regulation Starter Kit

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Emotional regulation skills are important for all children. Get all the tools and activities you need to support emotional regulation in the home or classroom with our Emotional Regulation Starter Kit. Each product supports you in teaching your child or student about emotion regulation in a multi-sensory approach. Get this starter kit today and save 62% off the regular retail price! 

This starter kit includes: 

Teaching Emotions Printable Packet | Valued at $19.99. This printable pack allows kids opportunities to expand their emotional vocabulary and give them ways to practice in fun and engaging ways. Includes Emotion 3 Part Cards, Feelings Bingo, I Can Draw my Emotions, Feelings Jenga, My Feelings Journal, My Feelings Mini Book, My Feelings Thermometer, and Emotion Words Chart. 

Emotion Cards for Kids | Valued at $10.00. Visual emotion cards for children to understand and learn about their emotions. It also includes caregiver and educator tips on the back to help your child discover and regulate their emotions. Includes 12 common emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry, Excited, Scared, Embarrassed, Disappointed, Confused, Frustrated, Nervous, Proud, and Silly. 

Learn About Emotions Printable Packet | Valued at $5.00. Encourage your child to learn about their emotions with this digital packet. It includes cards for the following emotions: Happy, Bored, Confident, Embarrassed, Grumpy, Tired, Excited, Sad, Disappointed, Surprised, Worried, Grateful, Curious, Angry, Confused, Frustrated, Silly, Scared, Shy and Proud. It also includes playdough mat pages and cards to play an emotion matching game. 

Emotions Playdough Mats Bundle | Valued at $5.00. Includes Emotion Spelling Words Playdough Mats, Understanding Emotions Pirate Playdough Mats, and Understanding Emotions Birthday Party Playdough Mats. 

Emotions Scenarios | $5.00 Value. Asking your child “how would you feel?” can help them develop better empathy as well as increasing their emotional vocabulary. In these Emotion Scenarios, kids can try to put themselves in another’s shoes and decide how they think someone would feel in a particular situation. This helps them match the emotion name with face with circumstance. 

Draw & Write Emotions | $5.00 Value. These simple worksheets help kids identify and learn to draw different emotions and their corresponding facial expressions. They also give them the opportunity to expand on that by giving an example of scenarios where they feel that particular emotion. This is great for use at home or in the classroom to help kids work on getting in touch with their feelings. 

Calm Down Jar Cards | $2.99 Value. Give kids visual cues to help them choose a calm down activity that works for them with this printable calm down jar card. You can use these at home or in the classroom. Cut them out and place them in a jar for kids to pull out or cut them out, laminate them, hole punch the cards, and put them on a binder ring. Your child can then carry these prompts with them whenever they need them.

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Emotional Regulation Starter Kit

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